Single row mechanical garlic & onion planter


Solutions adapted to your needs. Easy & effecient planting systems. Easy & quick change of the spoons according to the size of your cloves.

The mechanical planter is very reliable, easy to use and very less service. Light weight, it is ideal for small areas and light weight tractors.

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Easy to use


Type : PLMS
Number of rows : 1 to 15 single rows.
Minimum distance between rows : 35cm (standard in garlic 45cm).
Wheel track adjustable according to the tractor.
Drive wheels adjustable in height, machine adapted for planting on beds.
Planting wheel with 16 spoons. One set supplied with the standard machine, 6 sizes to chose from (cf options).

Individual hoppers : 40Kg/row (Optional high extensions 70Kg/row).
A vibrator per row to ease the flow of the cloves.
Each row is independant and mounted on a parallelogram system.
Planting depth adjusted by the rear depth wheels.

Planting density adjusted by a set of sprockets (standard 7 to 13 cloves/m).
Nominal speed : 2.2Km/h.


  3 rows 4 rows 5 rows 6 rows 8 rows 12 rows
LENGTH 1.75m 1.75m 1.75m 1.75m 1.75m 1.75m
WIDTH 2.20m 2.20m 2.80m 3.30m 4.20m 6.50m
HEIGHT 1.20m 1.20m 1.20m 1.20m 1.20m 1.20m
WEIGHT 400kg 480kg 560kg 640kg 840kg 1300kg



Options for this product

Planting spoons

Wheel markers

Digital planter controller

Liquide spraying

Hard rubber wheels


PLM hopper cover

Big volume hopper



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