Multi row harvester topper RECL


Solutions adapted to your needs, Efficient & precise guaranteeing the quality of the garlic. With the topping system, ensured time saving during the process.

The multi row harvesters are designed to harvest a full bed in one go.


Type: RECL
Multi row machine towed behind the tractor.
Minimal distance between rows 45cm.
Machine wheel track adjustable according to the tractor (electric steering axle is optionnal).(Overlap on two beds)

Each harvest system is composed of:
- Two front leaf lifters
- A shoe for lifting the garlic heads, manual depth adjustment (hydraulic is optionnal)
- Two harvesting belts, manual height adjustment. 
- A progressif vibration system to eliminate the excess of soil. A knob enables to adjust the speed.
- Two belts to level out the garlic cutting height.
- Precise cutting due to the double disc system.
- Safety pressure valve system in case of blockage of the belts.
A system to evacuate the leaves (slide or belt depending on the machine).
A side conveyor belt, steel bars coated with air cushioned rubber takes the garlic to the side of the machine. This you may fill several options: trailer, boxes on a trailer.... 

A control seat placed at the front of the machine enables to control the functions of the harvesting rows but also the front tow bar and the side conveyor belt (electric controls are optionnal)
The tow bar can move from left to right +/- 10cm to enable an easy line up on to the garlic rows (electric automatic row lining up system is optionnal).
Drive system thanks to several pumps with a multiplier mounted on the tow bar, linked to the tractor by a big angle PTO shaft 540rpm.
Big volume hydraulic tank with oil cooling system.
Rear lights with over size plates.


Number of rows RE2 RE3 RE4 RE5 RE6
Nominal speed 3km/h 3km/h 3km/h    
Tractor power 90hp 90hp 90hp    
Harvest output   2.5ha/8h 3.5ha/8h    
Length 4.40m 7.40m 7.40m    
Width 3.70m 2.40m 2.60m    
Height 2.60m 2.70m 2.70m    
Maximal load 750kg 750kg      
Empty weight 2000kg 3600kg 4000kg    



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