Leaf & root topping trailor

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Solutions adapted to your needs, Modular systems for leaf & root cutting your garlic.

Made to measure solutions adapted to your way of working with garlic.


- Empty weight: 2500Kg
- Total weight: 5000Kg
- Over all size: 8.10m x 2.60m
- Adjustable tow bar
- Single axle, wheels 10.0/75R15
- A working conveyor belt 6.50m long.
- Two working platforms on either side of the belt
- A box filling system at the end of the working belt
- An over head sun protection 
- Driven by the tractor PTO shaft 540rpm, a multiplicator with hydraulic pumps
- Hydraulic tank
- Manual controls (start/stop of the belt, up/down of the big box)

Using the machine :

A fold away platform on either side of the machines enables people to place the garlic from the ground ready for the people who will cut the leafs and roots.
The people placed at the start of the belt (4 maximum) take the bundles of garlic to cut the leaves and roots.
A work table is adjustable for each person
The garlic heads are then moved to the second part of the belt which is seperated in three parts.
The soil and waste stays on the side and at the end is sent to the ground.
The garlic is placed in the middle and then in to the box filling unit


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