Brushing table

Ref. BR500 ou BR1000

Solutions adapted to your needs, Modular systems for all your cleaning tasks like brushing your garlic.

The brushing tables are designed to optimise your garlic cleaning and adjust according to the required result.

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BR500 (width 500mm / BR1000 (width 1000mm)
The brushing table is composed of the following units:
An entrance shoot protected by PVC covered sponge
18 brushes 125mm diameter, different heights between the brushes with different speeds to optimize brushing.
Brushing area 500 / 1000mm x 2450mm
A motorreducer 0.55kw/380v threephase
Standard modules are avaialble, according to your installation spécific modules can be designed

The brushing power can be adapted by adjusting the angle of the table, but mainly by the the flow of garlic going along the brushes. 



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