Box tipper

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Made to measure solutions to ease handling your big boxes.

The box tippers are designed to limit as much as possible the garlic fall while preserving the quality of the product.


The box tippers are designed according to your boxes: Sizes from 1.20m to 2.00m wide. Height 0.8m to 1.20m
The box is placed in the frame work with a forklift (adjustable sides and top for centering the box)
The flooring holding the box lifts to clamp the box in the framework.
The swivelling is made around the top corner of the box (approx 130°).
Both movements are hydraulically synchronized.
The top opens at least 3/4 of the top of the box. For small boxes the top is articulated and fold back on the front of the box. For large boxes the top is sliding doors.
An exit slide enables to guide the garlic.
The box tipper is powered by 380v three phase, an hydraulic oil supply is included in the machine.
The controls are manual on the side of the machine (manual valves, electric start/stop button for the hydraulic oil pump)

For your safety the box tipper is surrounded by protection grids, on the front (loading size) an automatic pvc screen pulls up when tipping the box.

Optionnal: A side exit pvc belt 500mm wide enables to take the garlic to the side of the machine and fill the following unit.
This belt is driven by a motovariator 380v three phase to regulate the garlic flow.


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