Box filler (single unit)


Solutions adapted to your needs, Modular systems for filling your boxes.

The box filler is designed to limit as much as possible the garlic from falling high in to the box and avoid all bruising.

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The box filler is adapted to your boxes (1.20m x 1.20m x 1.20m) Other sizes to be specified
Using the box filler:
The system tilts the box from 0° to 90° to limit as much as possible the garlic fall.
Loading the box is made from the front.
An adjustable sensor enables to automatically lower the box as it fills.
The main frame is placed on the ground.
The swivelling frame is not in contact with the ground to ease cleaning.
On each side of the box, a guard prevents from going under the load.
On the front of the box, an automatic PVC sheet lifts with the box to prevent going under the load.
An electric hydraulic pump 380v three phase with a central electric control box adapted to the number of box filling units.


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