E.R.M.E. (Etudes et Realisation de Materiels et Equipements)

ERME designs, manufactures and sells its own products in various sectors of activity. The company currently works in three different sectors of activity :

Mechanization of garlic growing (ERME)

Worldwide leader in solutions designed for mechanizing garlic growing.
ERME offers a full range of machinery for mechanizing your garlic production.
From preparing the seeds, planting, harvesting, drying, cleaning, grading and peeling ready for selling.


Farm trailers (ERME)

Solutions for a complete range of trailers designed for all farm transport purposes: grain and winery trailers (grapes), skip trailers, animal feed trailers manure spreaders, straw bale trailers.

Road trailers and semi-trailers (MASSO)

Solutions for a complete range of vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, low bodys designed and adapted to all needs. Customized products from 1 Tonne to 65 Tones Gross Permitted Vehicle Weight offering numerous solutions to your transport problems (manufacture of cable drum carriers, swimming pool carriers, box carriers, boat trailers, vehicle trailers, handling trolleys, etc.). Masso was created 50 years ago in Toulouse to develop and manufacture road trailers and semi-trailers. In 1982, the CAREAC company, specialized in manufacture of farm trailers, took over MASSO and delocalized its production to Montégut-Arros in the Gers. In 1995, in order to diversify its activities and increase its production capacity, ERME took over CAREAC and, consequently, the Masso brand.

Today, ERME manufactures a major range of vehicles and equipment-carrier trailers and semi-trailers suited to specific needs.